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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Home Decorating and Designing

Recently, I'm contemplating what decoration and makeover I would like to set up in my new home. Surely, when I arrived in the Philippines, I can only see my newly built house but needs interior designing and decorating. Oh, No! Do I still got a budget for this? I can't afford to hire interior decorator and definitely, I will never hire. Hahaha! Assuming (Ano ako mayaman?).

Since it is only a little house and newly built. So, it is easier to do it myself. A simple makeover can add the beauty of my little home to be. I have listed the five major areas of my home that needs decorating and designing.

1. On Choosing Interior Color - Color is a fundamental part of home decorating ideas. I am sure you agree with me. Though there is a huge of selection but also it a major problem. Well, for my little home with a little kitchen bar I decide to have a light color by using cream as my major color for the wall.

2. Home Furniture - Choosing home furniture should match the color scheme you choose for your house. For a little house, I will use a furniture which suits to the size of my living room. Living room furniture with contrasting colors make for an interesting setting.

3. Kitchen Decorating - The kitchen is the heart of my home. This is the place where I have morning cup of coffee, preparing nurturing meals for my family, friends and make foods for parties and special occasions. So to make my kitchen friendly and airy atmosphere. I choose light and bright colors for walls. Or perhaps I can add some bit and pieces for decoration and a blinds and curtains for windows. To save spaces, I can hang large utensils or keep it in a little cupboard.

4. Bedroom Decorating - Many people think that there's much you can do to decorate a bedroom. A bed, the usual bit and pieces not much for it. For a small modern bedroom design I can add lamps that attach on the wall in both side of the bed to make it cozy and calm. And I will use a light color so that it will have a cheerful and fresh ambiance. Put some adds-on like hanging beautiful painting in the wall or add some decorative pillows.

5. Bathroom Decorating - Small bathroom does not mean dysfunctional. There are things you can do to ensure small bathroom functional. You can use every conceivable space, every nook and cranny. So, instead of mirror, I will use a narrow cabinet with mirror. Put lights near to the mirror. And use light colors, possibly white that I can go with any decor.

Enjoy decorating!



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Dhemz said...

waaaa...ka nice kau!

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

That's very exciting- decorating your own house. There is so much thrill in buying your own home furnishings and decorations. Beautifying the house can be done little by little as your budget can afford. But it's a dream come true- living in your very own house. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.