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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Mock Chopped Liver

Have you heard about mock chopped liver? If you don't , then, its time for you to know what is mock chopped  liver. Mock chopped Liver is made out from peas or aubergine(eggplant). Usually I made these tasty appetizer out from tin of peas. And this is good for vegetarian people because it is an alternative for a real liver but the taste is similar.  It is lighter and healthier than a real chicken liver. So to those who wants to make this simple recipe , here how to do it.

What you need :

Tin of peas :
2 tbsp. oil 
1 pc. big of onion
1 teaspoon chicken or vegetable powder
4 boiled eggs
100 grams wall nuts (grind)
HP sauce (optional)

Method :

1. Heat the oil in a medium skillet then add the onion and saute. Stir it occasionally until it become lightly brown. 
2. Drain the juice first before you place the tin of peas in a food processor together with the hard boiled eggs, and fried union. Pulse it a few times until break ups into a manageable pieces. Add the vegetable or chicken powder, pulse it again until the mixture become the consistency of the pate. 
3. Put the mixture in a bowl and add the grind wall nuts and additional HP sauce for an extra bite.

 You can serve it crackers


Belle said...

I am a vegetarian :-) thank for sharing this.

Nice serving suggestion too. Love the boiled eggs.

Dhemz said...

I have never heard of mock chopped liver before...now I know...thanks sa info dear....waaaaaaa...so this is appetizer? unsay paris ani? ehhehehe.....kalami tan-awon....:)

charmie said...

kaon ko ani with salad and crackers dhemzz. lami try it..

charmie said...

pwde na pang meal nako hehehe..salad lang ug kana kay ang diet daw waaaaaaaaa