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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Weekend Food Trip

I missed the food trips here because I was busy with my cousin who stayed with me for the whole weekend. But I never missed the real food ^-^.

Last Friday, I made this Grilled Chicken with slices of lemon inside, rosemarie, sweet paprika, pepper and Oil. Served this for our Friday night dinner, with rice and little side dishes such as grilled sweet potato, peas and beans with nuts. And apple crumble for dessert that I made the day before with ice cream!

Pizza for Saturday Lunch

Belgian Waffle for Saturday's dessert

These was my great and fabulous weekend with my thoughtful and generous cousin!



Anne said...

pastilan ka bongga sa foodies nimo sissy da. lamia man ni ka gutom..

Sangkutsa said...

wow nice, gusto ko din matuto magbake kahit cookies *for starters hehe.. galing mo kabayan :) more recipes to come! ingats