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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Apple Crumble

Hey, guys! Got inspired to make this recipe yesterday. I have seen Sarah daughter making this recipe. So, I thought I would love to try. The thing was, I never measured the ingredients. Let see how it came out. And what Sara have to say?

1. Slice the apple into thin small pieces.

2. Put it in a pan, with1 tablespoon of water and a little sugar to sweetened. You can put lemon juice instead of water. Bring to cook for 5 minutes.
 3. Place the flour and oats and sugar in a bowl and mix well. Cut the margarine or butter into small cubes and add this to the oats, flour and sugar Mix with your fingertips until it resembles and even crumbs.
 4. Place the cooked apple ( by the way you can use cooking apple, I used ordinary apple) in an oven dish.
 5. Cover the apple with the crumble mixture. Bake for approximately 20 minutes until the crumble is golden brown.

Voila these is the result and Sara said something lacking (hmm..the lemon juice and add more apple too) but excellent. That was my first attempt..and it taste crunchy and tasty.

Till next time folks!


1 comment:

Anne said...

anad jud ka mo experiment sis da... naa lang limtan isa pero next time perfect nana... ready to be wify na jud ba!