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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sprouts in your Kitchen

We could get a lot of benefits of sprouts specially in lentils sprouts as I mentioned there in my other blog , Pinoy Life Abroad. To grow lentil sprout, you don't to be a green thumb. Just pay attention to the following four factors: Rinse often - keep moist but not wet. Keep at room temperature (21-24C) Give them plenty of room to breath. Keep covered - no light.

Here are steps for sprout lentils :

bag of green lentils  

Sprouted lentils
1. Soak a package of dry, green lentils overnight in a large covered pan or bowl ( you can use any package from the supermarket)
2. The next day discard, the water. Check the lentils, discarding any discolored ones, broken pieces, and outer skins. Tiny bugs may live under the skin, which appear as brown marks after the overnight soaking. Most broken pieces will not sprout. 
3. Place lentils in a bowl on a plate or saucer and cover with a damp towel, in a warm part of the kitchen.
4. Rinse lentils twice a day, morning and evening under cold running water. Replace bowl on its plate and cover with a damp towel. 
5. Repeat step 4 for two to four days. When you rinse, swirl the lentils with your hand to circulate air and moisture and to harvest the sprouted lentils. The lentils don't all sprout at the same time, it can take two to five days . Harvest sprouts when they are between half a centimeter and one centimeter. At this stage they are height of their enzyme activity and their sweetiest.
6. Put as much as you'll use at one time in air tight containers or sandwich bags. Twist the bag closed, squeezing all out air, and place the amount you'll use for one or two days in the refrigerator. Put the rest in the freezer. If you cook them, there is no need to thaw first.


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