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Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Homemade Bread

I know I posted here homemade delicious bread but that was the bread of my friend when I visited her once. I always looking forward to make my own bread too. Thus, today,  I decided to bake my own home made bread.

Here it goes :

What you'll need :

1 kilo plain flour
2 small glass of water
1 glass of sugar
1 glass of oil
50 grams margarine
50 grams of yest
2 eggs
a little salt

Here's  how:

1. Place the flour in a big bowl, Add water.

 2. Add a glass of oil, sugar, 2 eggs, margarine and yest.
 3. Mixed together using your fingertips.
 4. Stay for a few minutes until it rise. You can cover with cloth
 5. Its depends on you whatever form you want for your bread. With this, I made 3 rolls, then platted it.
 6. Put it an oven approximately 20 minutes , 200 degress F until it get brown and brownier.

Here it is my homemade delicious bread

Can you imagine we almost finished the whole bread. Sara said it was delicious.

This is my entry for Food Trip Friday, Happy Weekend to All.



Cecile said...

wow, galing mo nman! mukhang masarap ang bread mo eh :-); ako dati mahilig mag bake pero ngayon tinamad na....matrabahao kasi eh.

Newlyweds said...

wow! galing galing... super galing naman! sarap lalong kainin habang mainit init pa..


charmie said...

First attempt ko po yan, thanks successful naman hehehe! nagprapractice magluto hahaha!

Unknown said...

baking is something i haven't ventured in decades. college pa yata when i tried baking. freshly-baked bread is the best talaga. yours look yummy.

FoodTripFriday said...

I so agree with others, ang galing mo ha! you baked your own bread. Ako laging umaasa sa bake shop, lol!

jellybelly said...

I haven't done a lot of baking yet. How nice to be able to make you own bread. Galing!

☺lani☺ said...

Wow, I never tried making bread yet 'cause I only have oven toaster, it won't fit! Anyways, i'll figure it out how to make later, thanks for the recipe!

charmie said...

Pwde oven toaster sis, basta yong toaster mo my degree siya .. yong friend ko oven toaster lang gamit niya.. hehehe!!

Lady Patchy said...

tagal ko ng hindi nagbabake ng bread.i will add this to my list

Gizelle said...

One of my biggest fear in baking :D I can bake cakes, cupcakes, muffin but haven't tried bread...this one looks like the bread we often have at breakfast....thanks, will try as soon as I have the opp ;)

Dhemz said...

that's it?! waaa...abi nako ug lisod kaau maghimo ug bread......waaaaaaaa...thanks a lot kaau dear...your a great help! been longing to make bread for a long time...pero gauna akong hunahuna nga lisod himoon...lol! will definitely use your recipe....can't wait to go home and make this one...lol!

great job though!

Sheren-May said...

how i wish i can bake bread also :( anyway i will someday :)thanks for the visit chArmie!

Mel_Cole said...

Yan, ni-fave ko na page mo sis para babalik nang babalik ako dito :) Want to try your homemade bread :)


Ms. Journ said...

agoy anad man diay ka sa tanana sis. Looks so yumyum man ni. Agoy si sis D excited ako kahimuon sad... hahaha...

Ako ni itry one day sis... ug di tapuls an.

Cacai M. said...

Oizzt maayo diay ka mohimo ani sis Charm.. ako kahimo pod ko og homemade bread dre and looking forward for more.. naa ako recipe but wla ko time maghimo.. wee.. by the way, gi-unsa mn na^ nmo og twist mora'g lisod mn.. Thanks for sharing Charm.. ;-) Happy food trip!

Here's mine:
My Food Trip: Sauteed Shrimps Paste
See yah.. ;-)

AC said...

wow! this looks yummy! reminds me to post the bread I baked before... nakalimutan ko na kase pano ko ginawa kaya natatamad akong ipost... hehe... sarap nyan lalo na pag mainit noh?